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Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair Service By Metal Plumbing In Bellaire TX

Faucet Repair – Something wrong with your faucet?

Most people these days are passive when it comes to doing something with their plumbing. Plumbing isn’t that relevant for homeowners. However, it needs the maintenance jobs just like your car, garage door and security system. If you need plumbing services and you can’t find a good plumber to do so, we have the solution for you. Better yet, we are the solution for you – Plumbing Bellaire TX one of the best plumbing company in all of Bellaire, Texas. If we are not among the elite, then we are probably on top. Metal  provide all the services you need to fix your pipelines, sewer line, water heaters, air purifier and air conditioning. We at Metal, holds high standards for the services we provide. We make use of the best tools and all of our personnel on duty are professionals. We do have professional plumbers who have all undergone training and have many years of experience.

Metal started out as a small family business in a small neighborhood in Bellaire. We started out by helping our neighbors with their leaky and broken faucets. We make use of the same methods we used back then and they work every time. The only difference is now our services have expanded and we provide our services for hundreds of people. Metal is open 24/7 to help you out whenever you need us. When it comes to plumbing services, faucet repairs and shower repairs we are the people to call. These are all simple tasks for us and easy to accomplish. But we want to make sure that everything is done right. There is a difference between good work and professional work. We will draw the difference between those two.

Faucet Repair

Everything starts from the source. Faucet repair is easy, when you know where the problem originates. Is it a cracked pipe or a burst pipe? The initial method in fixing a leaky pipe is to first, turn off the water valve, apply some epoxy on the damaged part of the pipe and seal it up with rubber. However, some pipes are already outdated and epoxy and rubber won’t do the job. It would be advisable to replace the pipe with a new one to make sure that there would be no more leaks. Prolonging the problem of leakage can result to wall deterioration. Not only that, the water from the leak might find its way around electric wires in between walls. It sounds insane, but not impossible. If you don’t do something about your leaky pipes today, you might regret having further plumbing services including installation and replacements.

Faucet repair isn’t that costly. If you want, you can even do it yourself. Just make sure to wear safety gears and turn off the water valve before dealing with the pipes directly. But we recommend that you leave it to the professionals. We also provide a post inspection after the repair or replacement. That way, we can make sure that nothing more is wrong with your pipes. Another important reminder- it is important to choose the right material for your pipelines that are rust and blockage- resistant. Also, if your drainage is slow, it would we advisable to consult a professional before assuming that something is wrong with the pipes which may be caused by a crack or any damage.

Faucet Repair
Faucet Repair Service
Faucet Repair Service Bellaire TX

Outdoor Faucet Repair

A leaky outdoor faucet is a pain in the neck. Not because of the drip and drop. Think about the amount of water you are wasting. Your water bill is also going to rocket up. It’s not like it has its own conscience like going, “looks like something is wrong with the shower valve, I better not charge those drops.” If you notice something wrong with your outdoor faucet, fix it immediately. If you can’t, then call a professional. Make sure to check if the water is coming out properly and if the faucet is also closing properly. The rubber seal within the shower will wear out. With the rubber seal compromised, the water will flow within and make its way outside.

When it comes to shower repair, remove the faucet handle, then the trim and sleeve afterwards. Make sure to replace all of the faucet washers. When closing it all up, make sure to lubricate the threads with plumbers grease. If the problem is coming from the pipes, then the same method of the leaky pipes apply. No more shower leaks, because of the best shower leak repair services.

All in all – Outdoor Faucet Repair

If you think about it, even a shower leak repair is actually a faucet repair, in general. It is important to address these problems head on. Metal Plumbing is the right man for the job. Our faucet and outdoor faucet repair services are second to none and not to mention, affordable. We are well aware that some plumbers or plumbing companies charge big bucks for simple repair jobs. That is not the way we do it here in Metal. All of our services are affordable and reasonable. We also stray away from bad workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction. We want our repair jobs to last for a long time. That is the goal, provide the services that will benefit the owners for a long time. Rather than provide lacking services and go back monthly for the same repairs again and again.

Remember, we also provide other services for your water heaters, air conditioning, air purifier and sewer lines. Our phone lines are open 24/7 for service requests. We guarantee to be at your front door within minutes after your call. If you want, you can visit our office so we can discuss all of your plumbing problems and we can think of the best methods to fix everything. Once again, if you need help with your plumbing situation, no need to surf the internet looking for five- star plumbers, Metal is here for you.