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Water Heaters

Water Heater Service By Metal Plumbing In Bellaire TX

Water Heaters Repair

There could be any number of reasons why there could be problems with your water heater, and you need water heaters repair.  If you have an electric heater, the upper part of the heater may have leaks.   The connections and valves have worked loose. Alternatively, if this is an old heater, these parts may have become corroded.  There could well be the same problem with gas- fired water heaters.  If you have an emergency, we offer a 24/7 service that operates all the year round, including holidays. We aim to reach you in twenty minutes.  At Plumbing Bellaire TX, we will guarantee an excellent service. Our professional plumbers are insured and licensed. We do offer a warranty and there are no hidden charges. If the heater is in a restricted position, such as a cupboard, the leaks maybe due to condensation. With electric heaters, there could be problems with circuit breakers and the thermostat.  If this is a gas heater it might be problems with the pilot light, or a fault with the supply of gas to the heater.

If either type of water heater is showing signs of corrosion, then this should be the time to purchase a new heater or look at alternative ways of generating hot water. Hard water could also be part of the problem.  The geology of the Houston area is complex. The city was built on clay and other bedrock from the Cretaceous period.

Water Heaters Repair Near Me

This could be limestone. This produces hard water.  Limestone is a form of calcium with other elements added.  A good and easy way of determining if your water is soft is to see how quickly you can get soap to lather up. If you can produce a lather quickly, your water is soft.  If this takes time, your water is probably hard. Hard water will “fur” up the electrical heating elements in an electrical water heater. This will also happen in your kettle.  “Furring” produces a crust of calcium which will progressively reduce the efficiency of the heating elements. The hot water takes longer to heat up and your heating bills will start to mount up.  This crust will start to restrict your water pipes in general. Eventually you could start getting leaks.

There could be a build-up of dirty water in the hot water tank over time, if it is not properly sealed. Insects, fungi and mold spores, etc. could find their way in. This will make the hot water unpleasant and possibly hazardous to drink. You might notice the color of the water changing over time, when you have a shower. This could point to a problem of increasing contamination in your water tank and supply pipes. This is the time when you would be yearning for a “water heater repair near me”. Good thing Metal’s services are readily available. Do not be put off by a large cost.  This will not be the case.  We will sort out the payment for you. We  accept all major credit cards, plus warranties for the work.

water heaters repair
Water Heaters
water heater repair near me Bellaire TX

Water Heaters Repair

If you want a replacement boiler you have two options.  You either buy a new replacement water heater, either gas or electricity, or you opt for a tank-less water heater. This makes a lot of sense. Only the water you need will be heated up. There will not be hot water left standing in the water tank.  Room space will be saved as well. This could lead to large savings in your heating bills. Plus, you will recoup the initial cost of installing the tank-less water heater quickly.  You can expect an overall reduction in heating bills of 40%.  This is combined with a probable increase of efficiency of 30%, if you used a 50- gallon water tank instead. Domestic tank sizes can range in size between 40 and 80 gallons, depending on your needs and the size of your family. There would be even greater cost reductions if tank-less heating systems were installed in offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc.

Plus the quality of water that comes out would be a lot better.  There will be safeguards for anyone using a shower, etc.  The estimated life time of the tank-less water heater will be between 15 and 20 years.  This is a low maintenance system as well. We would be more than happy to get in contact with you and supply this tank-less water heaters repair solution.  Please get in contact with us at Metal Plumbing, Bellaire TX, to discuss any options that are available.

Water Heaters Repair Near Me

There are water heater repairs near me, but we also offer a range of plumbing services in Metal Plumbing. This includes faucet repair, drain clearance, repairing leaks, bathroom and kitchen plumbing repairs, and repairs to the sewer line.  This is the main pipe taking sewage waste from your property to the municipal sewage system. Looking specifically at the sewer line.  All the waste water from waste water system ends up in the sewer line. This includes fats and food wastes, soap, oil, hair, plus everything that comes from the toilet. There may be problems with the “U” bends in toilets, kitchen sinks, and wash basins. We can easily clear up these problems when we send our experienced plumbers from Metal Plumbing.

However, if you start to notice an all pervasive “sewage smell” spreading throughout your whole property, then this could be the result of a blocked or cracked sewer line. This pipe could be clogged or corroded.  These could be due to land subsidence. Another likely candidate, could be tree roots, breaking into the sewage line. We start by checking the main roof vent pipe.  Following that, we can use a fiber optic camera to thread along the sewer line.  This inspection will only last for15 to 20 minutes. This way we can locate the key problem very quickly.  This could be tree roots, the build- up of waste, or a cracked pipe. This will be cleared and a new seamless pipe can be threaded through.